Performance Air Filters
JR AirFilters were founded in 1992 and in the ten years since has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of performance air filters in the world. McNamaras hold an extensive selection of both panel and induction JR AirFilters in stock. Please contact us via email or telephone with any queries you may have.

JR Airfilters are manufactured with 4 layers of chirurgical cotton, which are held together by 2 layers of steel wire mesh. To prevent rust, they are galvanized and covered with plastic which gives increased corrosion prevention. At the factory the filter is impregnated with a special oil. This oil is an very important element of the filter.

Due to the construction, the material and the oil, the dust which is in the air, is retained outside of the filter and serves as a supplementary filter element. This is the reason the service interval, before the filter needs cleaning is about 100,000 miles (160,000 Km)! JR Filters produce a filter for (almost) every car and also supply a large selection of induction kits

No more filter change is necessary. 40% more air is passed through a JR filter compared to a standard filter currently in your car. A JR filter's filtration capacity is more than 97.5%. The most stringent car manufacturers demand only a filtration of 96%. JR Filters come with a lifetime guarantee against parts degredation of the filters. They are washable, that means they are always reuseable. The other benefits of fitting the filter are an increase in performance and economy.

Tests in the UK with heavy duty trucks proved that all trucks equipped whit those kind of filter, had between 7.5 and 8% less consumption.  

These filters can be used for cars, trucks, lorries, buses, aeroplanes, vessels, motor saws, lawn mowers, industrial and farm tractors and any other application where Clean Air is necessary.


JR Direct Induction Kits

On many cars the air filter system is often iverly sophisticated and the air must go round corners and long pipes before it enters the engine. This creates turbulence which disturbs the air flow and reduces the power of the engine. To eliminate this loss of power JR Filters created the JR DIRECT KIT’s which are available for many cars. In most cases the existing air filter system is partly or completely removed and replaced by a filter which has an intake area of 360°. All parts required to fit the system come supplied in the filter kit. Some of those Kit’s have TüV homologation. Fitting the induction kit enables the engine to breathe better giving a corresponding power increase of between 8 to 15 Bhp depending on the size of the engine. The sound of the engine also changes giving a more sport engine note.


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